Thursday, 3 April 2014

Cover Image Competition

As you are all aware, Mercenary is now in full production. The manuscript has been edited, copy edited, proof read and all the rest of it. Finally it is no longer a distant thought but a reality. In a little over 3 months Mercenary will be on bookshelves nationwide...
Which leads me to the fun part. The design team now have the manuscript and are currently working on the layout but the most important part they must consider, is of course, the front cover. They have just tasked me to find an image from Shutterstock that I believe would suit the cover best.
However after consulting friends and "soon to be fans" I am pleased to announce that I have made the decision to leave it entirely up to you! As an author I think it is important to build up a strong relationship with the audience and interacting with you, for me, is going to be one of the perks of the job!
So how will the competition work? I have complied a short-list of what I consider to be worthy choices. All you have to do is pick your favourite from the images below. To make your selection simply choose it in the poll to the top right of this post. If none of the images take your fancy, feel free to visit Shutterstock and select an image of your own. Then get back to me with the image number and your reasons for choosing it and I will take it on board for consideration.
The image that receives the most votes will be used for my book cover and selected at random from those who voted for it will be twelve lucky winners. If you win you will receive an invite to the book launch in London, and on top of that a free, signed copy of the book.
If for whatever reason you feel you would not be able to attend the event, due to travel reasons etc do not panic. Any winner who cannot attend the event will have their copy of Mercenary posted to them completely free of charge and should you wish it a Q&A session with me over Skype is available.
Please note when voting that the poll is simply for me to get a general consensus, it does not give me the name and details of each individual voter. So for a chance to win the prize, after you have voted please leave a comment that identifies your name and clearly states the image you have voted for.
In order to comment on here you may need to register with Google if you have not already done so, or alternatively you can leave your comment on any of my social media pages including Facebook and Twitter, the links to which are down the side of this page.
Any other queries about the competition, book, launch date or anything else, do not hesitate to contact me. In the meantime happy picking and best of luck!

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