Friday, 25 December 2015

Christmas Greetings!

Well, it was a wet morning here in Watford, England. But that didn't dampen our spirits. In fact, it brought with it an extra sense of joy, knowing that no matter what the elements would bring our cheerful festivities would carry on completely untroubled by what was happening outside. There could have been a hurricane last night but that wouldn't have stopped Santa filling my stocking and boy did he fill it!

But gifts aside, and yes I say that lightly for I am playing my new copy of Assassins Creed as we speak. The historical detail it possesses is fantastic and that is my excuse. But no, Christmas is a time for family and I am lucky to be spending it with most of mine. At this time of yet we should consider those less fortunate than ourselves and be grateful for what we have but also make the most of what we have because it won't be here forever. 

I love Christmas and I love spending it with my children. It was with that in mind that I was inspired to write a Christmas short story. One that would coincide with my on going saga. So I chose a setting close to home and during a time where the whole of England could have considered themselves less fortunate than ourselves. I endeavour to not give to much away but of course I talk about the time of the Black Death. 

Black Christmas 1349 was first published on English Historical Fiction Authors blog and it was available for free but it is now available to download on kindle for as little as £1.99 in the UK. If you would like to get hold of a copy, please see my books page. Alternatively I am giving away a free copy of my first book Mercenary on Goodreads. For a chance to win this, you can enter using the link at the top of my home page. 

But for now, I say farewell as the turkey beckons and the cauliflower and cheese will not eat itself! So from me, have a very merry Christmas and I hope, a prosperous New Year!